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Our Story

How did you first get involved in the business?

Our names are John Morrison and Annie Matis and we co-own Potomac Music!! We opened our doors in Lorton Station Town Center in January of 2020 and it's been a wonderful experience with many ups & downs. John and I are seasoned private teachers with established studios and years of experience teaching in Northern Virginia.

Annie had a well established home studio in Lorton and was looking to build a community of teachers to keep up with the demand for lessons. John had a longtime dream of opening his own lesson studio and we got to work on it in fall 2019. The stars aligned and we moved very quickly from planning to opening our doors.

John and I chose the name Potomac Music because we are located just a few miles from the Potomac River which is a landmark we both enjoy! John found the perfect spot here in the Lorton area where we located in Fairfax County but still so accessible to Prince William County. Our location is next to walkable shops, outdoor dining, and community events. The schools here in the Lorton area have large band and orchestra programs and the area was in need of a music studio just like ours that would allow for enrichment, small group lessons, summer camps, and more!

Tell us about a local celebrity encounter you had in your store!
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We have had the pleasure of a local celebrity encounter at Potomac Music! John is a big DC sports fan and listens to Grant & Danny on 106.7 The Fan. While he was out walking one day, he did a double take when he saw the host Grant Paulsen out walking his french bulldog right in front of our studio doors. Grant had just moved to the area and was happy to meet a fan! Additional funny coincidence to this story -- after some more conversations, John realized that the piano that was donated to us back in February came from the house that Grant and his family bought and now live in. (The previous owners donated their family piano to us before they sold the home to Grant.) All of us thought this was a pretty wild coincidence!!

Annie Matis and John Morrison at Potomac Music
Annie and John
Potomac Music Studio - sign installation
New sign going up!
Potomac Music Studio - floor installation
Floors are going in.
Potomac Music Studio - night sign
So excited to be at Lorton Station Town Center!
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Our Mission & Values

Sharing Our Beliefs is Why We Love Teaching Music

Potomac Music takes pride in conducting business honestly and ethically wherever operations are maintained. We strive to improve the quality of our services, products, and operations and will maintain a reputation for honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust, and sound business judgment. Our managers, employees, and professional teaching staff are expected to adhere to the highest standards of business and personal integrity as a representation of our business practices.

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We believe that collaboration is an essential component of meaningful learning. We encourage our students to work together to refine their skills and create beautiful music together.

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We believe in cultivating a spirit of perseverance in our students so they can reach their full potential as musicians.

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We believe in fostering a culture of exploration, helping our students discover and develop their musical style as they progress through their lessons.

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Learning music should be an enjoyable experience! We strive for our lessons to be fun, engaging, and rewarding.

Our Wonderful Staff

We're Dedicated Professionals

Our wonderful staff are dedicated professionals passionate about fostering creativity, developing talent, and sparking joy through music. They come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We're hiring!

Join us now and be part of something special!

Our Music Lesson Studio

Creative Environment

Our music lesson studio in Lorton, VA is the perfect place for musicians to explore, refine and express their craft. We offer high-quality instruments, expert instruction and a creative environment where everybody can excel musically.

Potomac Music Studio - front door
Potomac Music Studio - front lobby
Potomac Music Studio - music room 1
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Studio Interior

Our studio has been thoughtfully crafted to provide an inspiring and comfortable atmosphere creating a perfect setting for creative inspiration.

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11 Oversized, newly renovated lesson rooms
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Floor to ceiling windows
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Fast Internet
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Diaper changing table
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Comfortable waiting areas
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Studio Equipment

Our studio is fully equipped with high-quality musical instruments,  giving you access to top-notch tools to make the perfect sound.

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Free coffee, tea, and hot cocoa
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Boston Pianos designed by Steinway & Sons
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Yamaha Digital Pianos
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Professional Audio
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TV Console
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Studio Exterior

Our studio is conveniently located in the cozy shopping center, offering a tranquil and inviting atmosphere with the amenities you need to feel at home.

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Free parking
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Public playground
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Restaurants and coffee shops
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Doctor's office and pharmacy
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Walkable to VRE and bus stops

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