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Trip Nguyen

Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone Instructor; Piano Express Teacher
Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone

A Senior Music Education Major at George Mason University, Trip has a decade of clarinet experience under his belt.

Having had the opportunity to study with talented clarinetists including John Casagrande, Dr. Brian Jones, and Dr. Kathleen Mulcahy, Trip has formed a well rounded teaching style to suit his student’s needs.

Trip has taught as a clarinet instructor at MusicForLife, a community based organization that provides music programs to youth living in financially unstable or dysfunctional families.

Furthermore, he has experience directing small ensembles including clarinet quartets and choirs.

Along with the clarinet, he improves on his saxophone and flute technique on his own time.

At Northern Virginia Community Colleges, he served as President for the 2019-2020 College Music Society, coordinating music-related events for students to spectate and enjoy.

Outside of concert band, Trip has performed at the 2017 Virginia Music Educators Association with Woodson’s Select Men’s Ensemble.

While the lessons are geared towards woodwind performance, Trip finds importance in placing a minor focus in music theory, history, and technology.

That being said, he has a fun approach to teaching as he customizes the lessons to maximize the student’s growth and enjoyment.

Having lived half his life in the bandroom, he wishes to stay there as an aspiring music teacher.

Following Beethoven’s ideology, “to play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable,” Trip hopes to help students cultivate a love for music.

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