Instrument Rentals

Renting your instrument for private lessons and/or your child's school band and orchestra program is easy, convenient, and affordable at Potomac Music.

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Instrument rentals for Fairfax County school students

We've provided instrument rentals for elementary to high school students of Fairfax County schools.


The Advantages of our Instrument Rental Program

Our Instrument Rental Program offers affordability, flexibility, maintenance support, easy upgrades, expert guidance, and no long-term commitment. Enjoy a hassle-free musical journey!

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Build equity with each rental payment towards the purchase of an instrument or a step-up instrument.

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Liability Damage Waiver

Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) covers maintenance, repairs, and loss due to theft or fire while renting the instrument.

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No long-term commitment

Renting eliminates the concern of being stuck with an expensive, unused instrument if interests change.

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Upgrading Options

As the musician's skills improve, renting provides the opportunity to upgrade to a higher-quality instrument.

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Renting allows for easy exchanges if the child outgrows the instrument or wishes to try a different one.

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Renting an instrument is more affordable than purchasing, especially for beginners testing their interest.

We offer the brands that local teachers trust

Many of our public school educators in our area require their students to play specific brands of instruments.

We provide trusted brands like Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Buffet Crampon, Capital Edition, Giardinelli, Strobel, and more that your child’s teacher will love!

Instrument Rental Guide

Instrument Families

Instrument families consist of strings, percussion, brass, and woodwinds, each offering unique tones and playing styles.

Violin Lesson - Potomac Music


Vibrant tones from bowed or plucked strings; this includes violin, viola, cello.

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Diverse rhythmic and textural elements; snare drums and bell kits currently available for rent.

Brass Lesson - Potomac Music


Bold, powerful notes with rich resonance; trumpet, trombone, tuba, euphonium, cornet, and French horn.

Woodwind Lesson - Potomac Music


Warm, mellow sounds from air-filled tubes; features flute, clarinet, oboe, piccolo, and saxophone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instrument Rentals

We hope to provide all the answers to help you make informed decisions.

Got more questions?

Is renting a long term commitment?

No! Rental payments through Potomac Music are made on a month to month basis. You may return your instrument at any time with no penalty and no additional fee.

What if my child wants to switch to a different instrument?

No problem! Rent-to-own programs through Potomac Music allow parents to exchange instruments and offer rental credit towards a different instrument within a similar pricing group.

What if my instrument is destroyed or needs repair?

The liability damage waiver through Potomac Music covers your instrument if repair work beyond routine maintenance or maintenance items is needed. LDW also covers the instrument if it is stolen or destroyed. Accidents happen! With Potomac Music, you can rent with peace of mind.

How to rent an instrument?

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Same day pick-up

After you have completed the online rental order, we will contact you when your instrument is ready for pick-up!