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Martin Moro

Piano Instructor

From learning and performing piano since the age of four, to composing a myriad of classical pieces and modern songs since high school, Martin is an avid and skilled musician with experience teaching piano across a multitude of levels.

Martin graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Music, with a specialty in piano and composition.

His knowledge spans from technical aspects such as sight-reading and understanding various music structures, to compositional elements like music theory and songwriting, to even using music production elements such as various DAW’s and other software to create music for piano and other instruments electronically.

He has taught students of various levels and ages for several years and continues to do so.

His positivity, eagerness, and tenderness are only a few of the many extraordinary qualities he has, which all help his students not only find a fondness and appreciation for the piano and other parts of music as a whole, but to instill in them a passion for learning the vast array of songs and pieces out there, from any genre and any artist.

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