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Jonathan Yao

Drums Instructor

Jonathan has been playing drums for close to 15 years, starting out playing in bands and performing throughout high school and college.

He started off self-taught – learning by watching and playing, then studied under a private teacher as well as going to the Drummer’s Collective in NYC.

He’s experienced in a multitude of styles ranging from pop, funk, rock, and metal. His teaching style is more of an emphasis on creativity rather than just endless drilling.

The core philosophy he wishes to leave with students is to always be asking, “what is the musical application for this new concept?”

His lessons will be specifically tailored to each student, knowing that a one size fits all usually never works.

Whatever the student wishes to accomplish, whether that’s playing the newest hit pop song, working on hand speed, or understanding rhythmic theory- Jonathan will make sure that the student’s goals take priority, while still developing a solid foundation to be a well-rounded drummer.

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