October 2022

Thibeault Family

Thibeault Family - Potomac Music

The Thibeault family joined Potomac Music in 2020.

Brian and Mary first met working at a record store and still spend much of their free time going to live music shows in the area.

Neither of them grew up playing instruments, though Mary took piano lessons as an adult at Potomac Music with Fiona.

Jamie, 13, has played violin and has enjoyed taking saxophone lessons with Aaron.

He now takes piano lessons with Martin, and does percussion at school.

He even took drum lessons with our wonderful teacher Jonathan over the summer.

Kieran, 9, has also been taking piano lessons with Martin at Potomac music for a couple of years and just started learning cello at school.

When they aren't taking in live music or theatre shows around town, they're usually hiking on some local trails.

They just recently returned from a magical trip to Iceland, checking out waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, icebergs, and the northern lights!

We love seeing the Thibeault family's smiling faces here at Potomac Music!


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