February 2024

Trainer Family

Trainer Family

Our adventure finding Potomac Music Studio started when daughter, Alexa yearned for private guitar lessons. Her dad, Doug, a computer scientist, had a guitar & strummed some in high school. She pleaded with me for about six months to find a teacher. I finally found a PM instructor close to home! Since I knew two of the very well trained violin teachers there, Pam Ferguson & Carol Brobst, I trusted it would be a good studio for her. She has absolutely loved her training of classical guitar with Karl Lytekk & is now delving a bit into classic rock with Peter Kalavritinos along with continuing her classical guitar training.

Meanwhile both my son, Josh & Alexa were looking for a new piano instructor after many years of study elsewhere, and voila! They both enjoy piano pedagogy teacher, Wendy Wang & her wonderful lyrical playing at PM!

I also began teaching Potomac Music as well, as I am a professional violinist & violist. We all love the warm atmosphere, the huge variety of musical instruments taught at the studio, Kindermusik & ukulele camps plus more! Their staff is excellent too!

We are grateful that local Potomac Music Studio brings marvelous musical training into the lives of all ages, from toddlers to adults!


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