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Mariia Tarawally

Piano and Voice Instructor
Piano, Voice

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. My mother introduced me to the world of music early in my childhood.

I started playing piano at the age of 4 and singing at the age of 10.

I fell in love with music and decided to take this path in life.

I spent 12 years studying and then successfully graduating from the ‘Music and Performing Arts School’ with a red honors diploma (piano/voice/music theatre) and later on received my bachelors in ‘St. Petersburg State College of Music by M.P. Mussorgskii’ (music education: voice major).

Throughout my college years I have participated in numerous competitions and festivals such as:

Music Creation / Piano

  • Diploma of the second competition for the creation of music for animated films (2009) St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Diploma of the participant of Romantic play competition, piano (2004) 2nd place, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Diploma of the participant of Etudes competition by Mashkovsky, piano (2002) 2nd place, St. Petersburg, Russia

Voice International

  • Youth Festival of Popular Music Baltic Spring, voice (2011) 1st place
  • Talents of the New Century,pop vocal/solo (2011) 1st degree
  • St. Petersburg Vivat Talent, voice (2011) 1st place
  • World in the Palm, North Venice festival, voice (2010) 1st place
  • St. Petersburg Spring Festival Concert, voice (2011) 1st place
  • International Contest – Talvi Karnevaali-Suomi Finland, voice (2012) 1st place
  • North Venice International Competition-Festival, pop vocal (2010) 1st degree
  • Diploma of a Singing Assembly Memory V.A. Radyupova (2011)
  • St. Petersburg Spring International Competition and Art Festival, jazz vocal (2011) 3rd place
  • St. Petersburg Spring International Competition and Art Festival, pop vocal (2011) 2nd place

I have a strong belief that music can change lives for the better.

I seek to equip students with the performance, composition and theoretical skills that will see them excel no matter what path they take in music.

As an engaged and determined teacher, I thrive teaching both one on one and in group scenarios.

Being a mom myself I know how great of an impact music makes on children. I’m thrilled and excited to become a member of Potomac Music and to share this journey with you!

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