Jake Wadle

Jake Wadle

DJ Theory Course Instructor

A noisemaker raised across the East Coast, Jake has had a deep love for music for as long as he can remember. Under his stage name: Vex, Jake has been DJing large scale events in places such as Houston and Minneapolis for years. His love for music and performance pushed him to pursue an education in the field, having graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Music Technology.

Course Description:

Within this program, students will be taught the core fundamentals of DJing. Topics of the course include: Understanding the equipment and computer softwares used within the industry, analyzing a song, beat matching, transition techniques, and planning a live set. Students will also have a group lesson towards the end of the program, learning about the importance of collaboration with other DJs. A performance will be planned for the end of the program showcasing everything the students have learned.

Course Requirements:

Students will be required to bring their own headphones, as well as a 16 GB USB drive (NO LARGER). Recommended headphones for the course are the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5. Students will also be given a list of songs to purchase on their own to work with throughout the program, and will later be encouraged to search for their own music after learning some fundamentals.

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