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There’s more to a drummer’s role than simply keeping time – in fact, school band percussionists may play any number of instruments, from triangles and tambourines to timpanis and xylophones. Typically, a percussion kit features a tunable drum practice pad or shallow drum, snare sticks and bell mallets, a 2-octave aluminum bell set and a stand – all of which is stored in a luggage-style rolling bag. Of course, what a student’s percussion kit should consist of will depend on the needs of the band, and what the band director has planned for the curriculum. While buying a child’s first musical instrument can be a wonderful experience, there are more advantages to renting when it comes a percussion kit, and here are some reasons why.

Rentals are Easier to Exchange

Since the attention span of children can be very sporadic, it’s only natural that a younger player might want to try something else. Renting gives you the flexibility of exchanging an instrument for another one, and quite often at no extra cost.

Measure Your Child’s Commitment

Do you think your child will continue playing percussion years from now? It’s hard to say – after all, younger minds can change at the drop of a beat! At least with a rental, you can see how much dedication they’re willing to put into practicing without worrying about being stuck with an instrument that will never be touched.

Save Money

Renting is easy and inexpensive – it’s as simple as that. Plus, if you decide that you’d like to buy your percussion kit, you can apply a portion of the rent cost to your final purchase of the instrument – or any other instrument a student might be interested in playing.

Maintenance & Replacement Plans

Having a plan set up will ensure a student’s percussion kit is in top working order, and it will also have you covered in the event of the kit being lost or stolen.

Additional Bonuses of a Rental Package

When you buy a percussion kit, you're only getting the instrument and it's up to the musician to kick start their own musical journey. With a rental from Music & Arts, you'll receive more than just the instrument. In fact, you can even customize your rental so it pertains exactly to the age and skill level of the musician you have in mind. Other benefits to renting include:

  • A Maintenance and Replacement plan (as previously mentioned)
  • School pick-up and drop off for repairs in most markets
  • Free exchanges and returns during contract
  • Rent-to-Own: applying the equity of your rental toward the purchase of your instrument

Percussion Kit Care Tips

Percussion equipment needs to be looked after in order for a student to get the most out of their playing experience. When the instruments are not being used, they should be put back in their cases. The padded bag provided with your rental kit will have a secure and safe spot for each and every instrument that came with it. Putting everything back after a performance will protect each instrument from dust and moisture, as well as safeguard them from any sudden impact with other objects.

We offer the brands that local teachers trust

Many of our public school educators in our area require their students to play specific brands of instruments.

We provide trusted brands like Yamaha, Conn-Selmer, Buffet Crampon, Capital Edition, Giardinelli, Strobel, and more that your child’s teacher will love!

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